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Free HTML template designed in an unique fashion. Particular features vibrant graphics and smooth jQuery effects. Perfect for you next personal portfolio.

Free HTML template built with all modern techniques in mind. The guys behind ChocoTemplates did awesome job. We truly admire their work and we will keep posting their free HTML templates.

Particular is a free HTML template designed in dark colors. There’s a prominent place at the top which calls for action. Place your featured products and services there. Note that you can place as much slides as needed. There are no limitations at all.

That’s a creative HTML template that will present your projects attractive. Particular will meet the needs for a wide range of freelancers. Web designers, graphic designers and other creatives will surely benefit by using this free HTML template. You should download the free HTML template even if you don’t need it now. You will learn a lot simply by expecting the code. All secrets in HTML and CSS will be revealed! That’s a great chance to improve your skills in coding by gaining knowledge from the best!

The free HTML template has two options for downloading. The first one is free and includes only HTML and CSS files. And you will have to keep the backlink to ChocoTemplates. The second option is much better. Only for $22 you get the HTML, CSS and PSD files and most importantly, you will be allowed to remove the backlink. So, choose wisely and hit the “Download” button. Start your successful personal portfolio now!

The free HTML template features:

  • jQuery slider.
  • Well commented code.
  • HTML5 / CSS3 Markup.
  • Tested on desktop and mobile platforms.
Free HTML Template Particular Preview Big

Free HTML Template Particular Preview Big

Width: 980px
Sources Available: .HTML .CSS .JS
Colors: Blue, Gray, White, Black
File Size: 321 KB
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